First ever wear OS device from Xiaomi?

First ever wear OS device from Xiaomi?
First ever wear OS device from Xiaomi?

With the demand rising in the wear OS market as more and more OEMs enter the market such as Mobvoi and fossil, it only makes sense that even more OEMs would look to enter the world of wear OS devices – and so is the case, as the latest speculation suggests that Xiaomi too is working on a Wear OS device of its own!

The speculation has arisen as a direct consequence of what 9 to 5 Google has had to say. Accordingly, the latest Wear OS 2.28 APK has gone on to show evidence of a possible Xiaomi companion client. As far as the case for Wear OS goes, manufacturers have the opportunity to develop their very own device companions apps – Mobvoi being one of the prime examples of this. The company takes advantage of this with its Mobvoi app.

The evidence of Xiaomi’s entrance into the Wear OS market comes from the 2.26 update. There was a line of code in the APK which went on to show a client which was code named as Baiji. With 2.28, the code name was switched to “Xiaomi” and “Mi Wear,” this indicating that the company had actually been developing the client for quite some time!

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If the evidence proves to be true and the case arises where Xiaomi does make a move, it would represent the first time in a long time where a new OEM released a new device. And one would have to imagine that with the success of Xiaomi with its Mi Band line – the company happens to take its wearable technology quite seriously.

And so with the manufacturer moving its efforts to a more full-featured experience, it does make sense. Once the company does release its Wear OS device, we can only hope that it’s budget friendly – though given the manufacturer’s track record – it wouldn’t at all be surprising if the company does exactly this.


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