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First Indian-origin prime minister in UK is Rishi Sunak

Over 180 Conservative MPs vote in favor of the former chancellor over the leader of the House Penny Mordaunt

As the first Indian-born prime minister in the history of the UK, Rishi Sunak has won the Tory leadership race. As Prime Minister, he replaces Liz Truss – the shortest-serving leader of the United Kingdom – who resigned last week after just a few weeks in office.

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Earlier on Sunday night, Boris Johnson, one of the leading contenders for the Conservative leadership, pulled out of the race, according to the Independent.

With over 180 Tory MPs backing him over 27 Tory MPs for Penny Mordaunt, the former chancellor was able to win the leadership of the House of Commons over the home secretary.

As such, the former finance minister has been elected as leader of the Conservative party,” Graham Brady, a senior backbencher, said, as Mordaunt vowed to support the former finance minister with the full force of her conviction.

In response to last week’s resignation of Prime Minister Truss, Brady, whose 1922 committee of Tory MPs organized a rapid leadership election after Truss resigned last week, remarked that Sunak was to make his first remarks at 2:30 pm (1330 GMT).

First Indian-origin prime minister in UK is Rishi Sunak

It looks like Sunak and Mordaunt will have an uphill battle in the coming weeks since former leader Boris Johnson withdrew from the election late on Sunday.

According to Mordaunt, “Our colleagues are clear that we need certainty in order to deal with these unprecedented times,” and despite a compressed timeframe for the leadership contest, it is apparent colleagues feel that now is the time for certainty.

The government has taken this decision in good faith in the interest of the nation.

King Charles III will appoint Sunak as prime minister of the United States of America in the event that the Tories retain their majority in parliament.


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