First person who saw his health decline due to Vaping has died

First person who saw his health decline due to Vaping has died
First person who saw his health decline due to Vaping has died

So it appears that the substitute to smoking, Vaping may not be that useful as one may have thought. Moreover, it has been found that a person has died after he was hospitalized from what seems to be an unknown lung illness which is linked with vaping. On top of that, The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have reported that another 193 people have also been found to possess similar symptoms in between 28th June and today. Moreover this issue is most widely spread in the state of Illinois, where the number of e-cigarette users who were hospitalized for lung symptoms has reportedly increased by double the amount in just a couple of weeks. As it stands, 22 people have been hospitalized and 12 more cases are being reviewed for this outcome.

Furthermore,it is still in-concluded whether these symptoms associated with the hospitalizations come from a single illness. In Illinois, the people who are being hospitalized are still quite young and the ages of these patients are in between 17 and 38. The symptoms which have been revealed by CDC include,shortness of breath or having difficulty breathing and in addition to that some patients have also experienced chest pain after which they were l hospitalized. There are also a few patients who have also experienced, vomiting, diarrhea, and fatigue.

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Moreover,the cause for such cases is till very much unknown, However, CDC officials have said that it is very unlikely that a virus or bacteria could be the culprit of the aforementioned cases.It is also worth noting here that as of right now, no one has been able to identify any particular product which may have caused this sickening of people. The CDC have in turn urged doctors to report any unexplained cases of lung illnesses which may or may not have been linked to vaping, along with information about what products their patients are using. The CDC, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and state public health officials are investigating the unexplained lung disease.“The severity of illness people are experiencing is alarming and we must get the word out that using e-cigarettes and vaping can be dangerous,” said Ngozi Ezike, director of the Illinois Department of Public Health, in a statement.


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