Well the 2018 iPhone XS and the XS Max are still pretty new and will not be getting any successors for at least the next 9 months or so. However that certainly does not mean that the company has not started the development of their next big innovation. Moreover, such phones when put in to discussions, bring with them a lot of rumors and leaks and well if you are the person who would like to know when the next iPhone or quite possibly the iPhone XI may look like, well then you have come to right place as the following leak will provide you some sort of insight on the product.

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So OneLeak has released a render which gives us our very first look at Apple’s next feature phone, The iPhone XI and an image shows that the new phone may well pack a triple camera set up at the back of the phone. Moreover, based on the image we have concluded that the iPhone XI will be joining other companies and will increase the number of cameras installed on the rear end of the mobile phone. The cameras and the LED flash are arranged in a spiracle positioned setup, in the top left corner of the screen.

First Render of the iPhone XI shows that Apple will be joining the Triple Camera Setup wagon this year

Furthermore, the arrangement of the cameras and the composite LED flash is a bit odd which is mainly because of the microphone which has also squeezed its way in to the setup of the camera. Now there is already many consumers on the internet who are enraged with respect, to the design but the OnLeaks have suggested that the upcoming iPhone devices are still in the Engineering Validation Test (EVT) stage and so there is a possibility that the final design might be different, but only time will make it official though.


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