Ever thought that a flashlight app could be even more dangerous than a disease? No? Well, then diversify your thoughts because this is what’s going on. Really. The top ten flashlight apps today which is downloadable from the Google Play Store are all malware. They are not only stealing, but they are of malicious purpose, and they are spying on you. The information that has been extracted via this way is astronomical.

But, where does all this information go? Experts have been tracking down as to exactly where this information goes, and according to experts, there are three main countries where this information ends up – China, India, and Russia. Now you would think that all this information would be obtained just for gaining some money, however, it seems its much more than that. These apps can be used to gain information about the people of a nation as a whole. Make of that what you will.

So, what’s the cure? Should you not install flashlight apps, and if you have, should you uninstall the apps immediately? Well, it’s not that simple. Once the app has been installed, it would not be sufficient to just uninstall it. For security purposes, you must factory reset your phone because even if the app is uninstalled, the Trojans are still installed, and trust me when I tell you, they can be just as dangerous.

The top ten flashlight apps account for almost half a billion downloads, so you can see that this issue would not be that easy to eradicate. Children can often download such app without the knowledge of the malicious nature it can bring within. Hence it is important for all our families to be well aware of not downloading such app. And if you are wondering how to identify such apps yourself, then know that such apps, having malicious purpose usually weigh around 1.2 MB to 5MB. Installing an app which is lesser than 1.2 MB should not be a problem.


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