Roll back the 2000s, because the flip phones might just as well be making a comeback. Samsung might just be introducing us back into the era of the flip phones, and perhaps this nostalgia will motivate a handful of people into buying the device.

Just last week, Samsung announced the release of its latest Galaxy Folder Flip 2, turning out to be the sequel to its 2013 foray into reviving the flip phone. According to reports coming from Verge, the phone will be made available in two models, so you have to choose between LTE or 3G. The phone will run on the latest Android Nougat, coming with 2GB of RAM, while having 256GB of storage.

The price of the phone is $260, but before you get all excited and ready for the phone, it is important to note that for now, the device is available only in Korea, but this may of course change.

But for all the lucky ones living in Korea, you can enjoy the satisfaction many of use have witnessed, of flipping the phone open and close, back and forth, bringing back all the awkward years of teenage. Clicking buttons on the phone will also be experienced once again if you have forgotten how that feels like.

All in all, the phone looks pretty decent and cool. So, perhaps $260 is not that huge a price to bring back all the memories for you over the past years, while at the same time also getting a decent and good looking phone.


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