FM Qureshi Encourages “One China” Policy

FM Qureshi Emphasizes Good Relations Between Riyadh and Islamabad

FM Shah Mehmood Qureshi held separate gatherings with his Chinese and Russian partners Wang Yi and Sergei Lavrov, individually, uninvolved of Shanghai Cooperation Organization‘s (SCO) meeting of Council of Foreign Ministers on Thursday. 

Mr Qureshi’s gathering with the Chinese minister was his second in three weeks. During the gathering, two-sided, territorial and global issues of shared intrigue were talked about, an official statement gave by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said here. 

Mr Qureshi emphasized that Pakistan stayed focused on “One China” strategy and stood solidly behind China on center issues of its public intrigue. 

He underscored that a serene and stable Afghanistan was significant for harmony and steadiness in the district and past and Afghan-drove and Afghan-claimed pea­ce and compromise measure was basic in reestablishing territorial harmony and security. 

He said India’s expansionist and one-sided activities, especially since Aug 5, 2019, had been risking local harmony and security. 

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During the gathering with Russian FM Sergei Lavrov, the different sides examined matters of shared enthusiasm, including the Covid-19 circumstance, possibilities of improved reciprocal participation, local issues and collaboration at multilateral fora. 

They likewise traded sees on further fortifying exchange and financial participation, remembering for the field of vitality, a public statement gave by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. 

Foreign Minister Lavrov invited Pakistan’s reasonable support in the prospective Kavkaz military exercise booked to be held in Russia in the not so distant future. 

Foreign Minister Qureshi said that Pakistan thought about Russia as a significant accomplice, and needed to fashion a long haul and multi-dimensional association with it. 

The two ministers likewise talked about the circumstance in Afghanistan with regards to the ongoing positive turns of events. 

On the issue of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK), FM Qureshi shared profound worries over the grave common liberties and compassionate circumstance just as the Indian endeavors to change the segment structure of the involved region. 

He underlined the earnest need of tending to the grave circumstance in the IIOJK. 

Foreign Minister Qureshi stretched out a solicitation to Mr Lavrov to visit Pakistan, which he happily acknowledged. 

The two foreign ministers consented to stay in close contact and seek after upgraded participation in all circles of regular intrigue.


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