Foldable infotainment systems for cars?

LG Foldable infotainment systems for cars

Korean tech giant in LG has just gone on to file a new patent application for the sake of foldable display as far as infotainment systems in cars are concerned. The patent has of course been filed by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and it has the tendency to be honest showcase a rather unique foldable car infotainment display.

In accordance with what the patent suggests then, the foldable car display is indeed rather similar to the foldable phone that LG had earlier showcased earlier in the year. However, the foldable phone project is already subject to being wrapped up and it seems that LG will focus on foldable gadgets for the sake of cars and also other entertainment devices.

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Taking a glance at the device then, the display panel with respect to the infotainment system happens to unfold from a smaller screen to a much larger display. Interestingly enough also, the panel can even end up displaying content regardless of it being folded or unfolded. It is touted to make use of the rather popular rollable display technology from its rollable smartphone from Q1 of this year.

Due to the fact that it’s a foldable, it is indeed expected to save some space when it is unfolded. As for now, we aren’t exactly too sure about the features as far as the device is concerned, but it is expected that more will be revealed in the upcoming leaks, but nonetheless, the proportions certainly seem to be really exciting. In related news then, the Korean tech giant has also announced that it will shut down its Android developer website on the 31st of this month. It means that after the 31st, LG user won’t exactly be able to unlock the bootloader on their LG devices.


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