Some years back, when we came across LG’s com­mercial for a rollable smartphone, we were blown away by the astonishing device that rolled and fold­ed but at the same time, it seemed impossible. How­ever, it seems that Samsung was quite ambitious to take this idea, while LG couldn’t come up with any foldable device and shut down its smartphone man­ufacturing unit altogether.

Samsung was the first one to bring two foldable devices in the year 2020 making the impossible dreams a reality. Samsung was followed by Huawei who brought the Huawei Mate C. Apart from the beautification, Foldable phones have been consid­ered one of the pioneers of bringing innovation in smartphone technology, and considered the Holy Grail of the invention. I was also amazed by the idea of foldable phones however when it comes to whether these devices are future or failure, I have a different opinion.

Even commercials like Samsung’s Z Fold and Z Flip or Motorola’s Razr always fascinated me and made me search for how these devices actually work. No doubt, these devices are technological marvels but those which are currently available in, the market right now are quite fragile. Foldable phones have taken the market by storm, due to which each and every smartphone manufacturer has entered into foldable phone manufacturing.

Due to this mechanism, foldable phones have larger screen sizes as compared to the old smartphones that we are currently using right now. One thing that is quite interesting is that Foldable phones also incorporate non-foldable LCD and OLED screen out­side that acts as the main screen when you are not using the giant foldable screen.

Currently, in the market, we come across multiple foldable devices among which a few are semi-fold­able flip phones whereas others have tablet form phones like Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, Galaxy Z Flip, Motorola Razr, and many more.

“The Durability of Folding Phone’’

Now that you all know about the mechanism of the foldable device, the second most important thing is the durability of the foldable devices. So, as told above, foldable phones have an inner screen and an outer screen which is just like a normal device. Do you know why manufacturers have added two screens? The main reason behind it is the practical­ity since one never likes to unfold the phone every second when we use it to see any notification or message.

Foldable phones are just like the old smartphones but with a more flexible screen and folding body

Apart from this, the other reason is that foldable screens are made up of plastic OLED material. Since this screen is extremely flexible as compared to reg­ular OLED screens, one of the disadvantages is that it is not scratch resistant so one needs to be extra careful when folding the phone. It means the screen is extra soft to withstand daily usage.

Many might be thinking that a plastic screen is more durable than glass which means it won’t shatter easily however, shattering is not the actual prob­lem. Due to daily usage, the screen might develop scratches with fingernails.

Other than this, since the hardware, material ex­pense, and R&D becomes quite expensive, so this device is not at all cheap. Also, it’s nearly impossi­ble that foldable devices will come with a mid-range variant which means not everyone would be able to buy them. The same affordability dilemma issue will be witnessed when someone goes for repair and replacement services when unfortunate damage happens.

It’s nearly impossible that foldable devices will come with a mid-range variant which means not everyone would be able to buy them

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Universal aspect ratio is also an issue that needs to be catered to. For instance content creators record videos on YouTube at a 16:9 aspect ratio, whereas the aspect ratio of a foldable device is 22.5:18 due to its different squarish shape. So when a video with the above-mentioned aspect ratio is seen on these foldable devices, two big black bars at the top and the bottom of the screen are seen since the video cannot fill the whole screen by itself.

However, with all these issues, I still believe that foldable phones are the future of the tech world. Reason: All the advantages associated with them are more as compared to the issues listed above, especially when in years to come, these issues can be solved.

Here’s why foldable phones are going to be the fu­ture of smartphones in the next few years.

“3 in 1 Device- Multitasking’’

Many manufacturers and researchers are working together in order to discover the utility of foldable devices in other consumer tech products such as televisions, portable gaming consoles, and military applications. Just a few months back, we have seen rollable televisions from LG that act like foldable dis­plays. That is just an example, in the future gaming consoles will also utilize display technology.

“They will get Less Expensive’’

When Samsung brought its first foldable device to market, it was expensive and the rates kept on in­creasing with every new device launched. However, the company had revealed that if the demand for these devices will increase, they will automatically get cheaper. Keeping this in view, Galaxy Z Flip 3 was the device that was made extremely economical, more than we had imagined for a foldable device. The device was even cheaper than iPhone 12 Pro series that was launched with the Z flip 3. So if the demand for these devices will rise, the prices will automatically go down, making them easily accessi­ble for everyone.

“Cool and Status Symbol’’

No doubt, foldable devices have become status symbols just like iPhones and they look cool in hands as well. In the old days when smartphones initial­ly came to market, they used to look exciting but now the smartphones look more or less the same. In such a boring smartphone market, the entry of foldable devices will not only excite users but since they are quite different from each other, I believe in years to come we will have plenty of foldable op­tions to choose from.

if the demand for these devices rise, the prices will automatically go down, making them easily accessible for everyone

“More Work should be done to make them Mainstream’’

Foldable phones have a lot of potential and if looked upon seriously and new technology is incorporated, they are definitely going to become successful. Due to the reasons mentioned above, including durabili­ty and others, currently, they don’t look like they will be the future, and right now many companies are using them for marketing purposes and not coming up with the actual thing. If manufacturers are able to make these devices more durable and affordable, they are definitely going to become mainstream.

I believe that with the growing research in the technology sector, these issues are just minor for manufacturers and they can overcome them in just a few years.


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