OnePlus 5 users in India got good news, as they received a very fast update to the OxygenOs 4.5.6, which was handed out globally, the reason being to fix a lifeline issue which was affecting emergency services calls in certain countries – not in India, though. This issue was a huge one, as whenever a user called an emergency number, the phone just simply rebooted. However, much to their credit OnePlus resolved the issue fairly quickly. However, now, another issue has come to light, following the fix that was provided with the latest update – the OnePlus’s power has apparently started to drain out a bit quicker than before.

On many OnePlus forums, the issue has been made clear, and on one particular forum, maulikmodi18 stated that battery consumption on idle was going wild. A couple of days after the 911 update, many users have found out that around 6 hours of sleep would consume 30 to 60 percent battery, and many other have quoted similar numbers after an overnight. Now, this is unthinkable for OnePlus, a company which prides itself over the impressive battery of its latest flagship phone.

Again, much to the credit of OnePlus, their moderators have been extremely quick to respond to the issue. They have prompted the users to clear the device’s cache, and have also encouraged users to send battery logs. After the reports came on early Friday, a staffer told maulikmodi18 that users on the Reliance Jio network with their sim cards in the second slot should probably opt to disable the slot, as it requires a decent quality LTE signal, otherwise the phone would be spending a bunch of time searching for it. This might play a big hand in power loss.


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