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Foreign Minister Encourages Kabul to Move Towards Peace

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Wednesday encouraged Afghan pioneers to take advantage of the lucky break for harmony. 

Conversing with the active Afghan agent Shukrullah Atif Mashal, who paid a goodbye approach him, Foreign Minister Qureshi stated: “Afghan administration ought to take advantage of this memorable lucky break to accomplish a far reaching, wide based and comprehensive political settlement in Afghanistan”. 

Intra-Afghan talks are required to start in next barely any days in Doha, Qatar, however no date has been authoritatively reported so far. 

The presidential pronouncement to set free the staying 400 of the 5,000 Taliban detainees, whose delivery was concurred under the US-Taliban understanding marked in February, prepared for the beginning of the discussions. 

The arrival of the 400 detainees, depicted as risky by Kabul, is yet to happen. 

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“The foreign pastor invited the Loya Jirga’s suggestion on arrival of detainees and communicated the expectation that the Intra-Afghan arrangements will initiate at the most punctual,” the FO said in an announcement repeating the military’s corps authorities, who too had a day sooner required a promising beginning of the exchange by benefiting from the advancement made in the harmony procedure. 

Foreign Minister Qureshi said the accomplishment of the harmony procedure would carry harmony to Afghanistan, however would likewise guarantee security in the district. 

Representative for the Taliban Political Office Suhail Shaheen, in a meeting with VoA, in the mean time, said that Taliban would enter the dealings with the goal of finding an answer for the contention however the opposite side should likewise illustrate “adaptability” for the discussions’ possible achievement. 

Taliban have voiced worry about the security of the detainees that are to be delivered. 

“ISIS (Daesh), with the collaboration of the Kabul organization’s insight, a few fighters and the officers of the jail security checkpoints, means to assault the vehicles that would ship the rest of the detainees from Pul-e-Charkhi jail. With this wrongdoing, they need to upset the exchange procedure and render retribution,” another Taliban representative Zabihullah Mujahid said in an announcement distributed on the guerilla’s legitimate site, Al Emarah. 

Amb Mashal, who had a month ago declared his abdication, likewise met President Arif Alvi and Chief of the Army Staff Gen Qamar Bajwa. The represetative expressed gratitude toward the COAS for help to Afghanistan and Afghan harmony process during his residenScy.


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