Taking programming as a serious work, there are people working on programming in their lives. Kandy.io Hackathon is here, make your teams on Collaborizm and get moving – Marc Andreessen, the popular financial speculator, is broadly quoted as saying “programming is eating the world” in a 2011 WSJ paper. But in today’s world programming is an important thing and it has improved the lives on this earth. And as helping people learn to program this place can become even better in future.

This engineering challenge is straightforward: build Kandy Libraries/SDKs for various languages.

For this task, you need to show your skills at max and allow you group members to participate as well to their full in order to qualify. The part below tells how you will be judged:


Step 1: Submit your team information and a feature roadmap

The top teams (around 10) will receive Raspberry Pi 3 Kits as prizes and proceed to step 2. Please try to get this in by February 24, 2017. It is ok, however, if you are late.

Step 2: Make a record here: www.collaborizm.com, and apply collaborizm to one of the test strings underneath that compare to the innovation you will be utilizing! You can apply as a team you begin, or as a person. Post a YouTube video (the video must cover the accompanying: first point of reference, outline contemplation, screenshots, and a group presentation) by March 10, 2017, on this page.


Android Library – $1,000 Prize

IOS Library – $750 Prize

C++ Library – $500 Prize

Python Library – $250 Prize

You can apply as a person or a project. You can also join a project focused on the challenge of your choosing.

Step 3: Submit a Youtube video covering your project, team, and challenges by March 24th, 2017.

Step 4: Champions to be picked by judges in view of YouTube recordings and working applications. Live judging and the judging criteria recorded above on April fourth, 2017.


Judges are soon to be announced. Judging criteria will be determined on the following, on a scale of one to ten:

Does the hack provides useful information to the people or is real?

Is it something novel or provide new solutions to the old problems?

Is the hack technically interesting or something old and boring?

Does the app work and how clean is the UI flow? Is the user experience smooth? Does everything appear to work? Is it well designed?
There is no member limit or minimum, but showing skill diversity is a point of winning this.


For registration visit: Kandy Hackathon

For More Information and Details about Kandy Hackathon visit the Facebook page.


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