Four percent growth in refurbished phones

Four percent growth in refurbished phones

Counterpoint research has recently gone on to reveal its outlook of the global refurbished smartphone sales for both 2020 and 2021. The research has indeed covered the global sales of the refurbished devices in 2020 – with some solid projections concerning this year as well.

The researched ended up showing a jump of four percent in the global sales of refurbished devices in the second half of last year, compared to the first half of the year. The overall performance last year was also much better in comparison than the previous year in 2019 – which ended up seeing a decline globally with respect to the market volume.

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Courtesy of the covd-19 pandemic, many countries all across the world have gone on to experience substantial dips in their economies, as significant job losses have of course been reported in all the regions. This hence could indeed have contributed to the rise in the patronage of refurbished phones – as has been shown by refurbished devices – and as shown by Counterpoint research. Counterpoint also goes on to note that there can be seen a sharp rise in demand as well as supply of refurbished phones in 2020 – mainly thanks to the second half of the year. Resell volumes as well as trade-ins were subject to being observed to have gone up in pretty much all the regions which were covered by the survey.

The regions covered by the Counterpoint research include the US, Latin America, Europe, Southeast Asia, India and also Africa. With the average selling price of Apple refurbished phones up to three times higher than what the average of other brands commanded, greater preference was in fact seen for the brand ahead of the other brands in the secondary market. Indeed the more extensive rollout of 5G technology across 150 mobile operators in 70 countries did not end up affecting the increased appetite for Apple devices – showcased by numbers released by Counterpoint.


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