France Faces Extreme Criticism For Hebdo Cartoons

France Faces Extreme Criticism For Hebdo Cartoons
Pressures between the European Union and Turkey have risen further after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan scrutinized the psychological condition of his French partner, Emmanuel Macron. 
A few EU officials brutally reprimanded Erdogan’s remarks throughout the end of the week and the coalition’s chief arm, the European Commission, said on Monday that the Turkish chief should change his methodology on the off chance that he would not like to crash the alliance’s endeavors at recharged discourse with his nation. 

Erdogan said that Macron required his head analyzed. He offered the remarks during a nearby gathering congress, obviously in light of articulations Macron made for the current month about issues made by extremist Muslims in France who practice what the French chief named Islamist dissent. Erdogan likewise railed against France for overlooking personifications of the Prophet (harmony arrive). 

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In an unordinary move, France reported on Saturday it was reviewing its envoy for counsels. The French official office noted too that Turkey had required a blacklist of French items. The move, whenever acknowledged, could include a layer of monetary consequences to the extending strategic tussle. 

Erdogan, who said the French chief has lost his direction, proceeded on a similar hostile tone on Monday as he approached Muslim countries to provide to the with some timely help of Muslims in France. In a discourse at a service denoting the commemoration of the introduction of the Prophet (PBUH), the Turkish chief blamed European pioneers for directing enemy of Islam arrangements. 

“You are extremists in the genuine importance of the world. You are authentically the connection in the Nazi chain”, he said regarding European pioneers.


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