Samsung flagship phones are accustomed for a huge amount of anticipation, and with the Korean company’s latest and upcoming flagship phone, the Galaxy s10, things are of no difference. The phone has without doubt been the subject for many rumors, and now, new reports have surfaced with regards to the phone.

It now looks like Samsung will indeed be launching three variants of the phone, because this rumor has been going on for quite some time. Amongst the three variants that Samsung will supposedly launch, the standard variant of the S10 will reportedly come with a curved OLED screen, an In-display fingerprint sensor, as well as triple cameras on the back of the phone.

According to the recent reports, it is stated that the front facing camera is visible, and will be tucked under the screen. Now, as vague as this sounds, I’d say that exciting time lie ahead for Samsung fans. Samsung is indeed working on some interesting technology in order to reduce the need for notches, and while the information is pretty vague, this report could suggest that Samsung is indeed going to have some new innovation integrated right into their upcoming phone.

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The report has also suggested that Samsung is working on a plus version, however, while this does somehow comes as news, it isn’t at all surprising, given Samsung’s record over the past couple of years, especially with the company’s flagship phones. So if indeed it’s a huge galaxy s10. We can expect some of the same features here, too – features that go along the lines of a curved OLED screen, an inbred fingerprint sensor, and an obvious triple camera setup.

A cheaper s10?

So what about the third variant? Well, as suggested by the latest reports, Samsung wants to provide competition to the Chinese companies that keep on producing cheap phone with breathtaking specs, by providing a cheaper s10 model, which would not have a curved screen. Reports suggest that Samsung just as well might ditch the In-display fingerprint scanner on such a variant, for the obvious price constrains. With such a model, we can expect a similar chipset to the S10, however, it is assumed that the phone will have a fewer number of cameras. However, since the Korean company launched the A9 with four rear cameras, this might not actually turn out to be the case. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


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