Keeping in focus the objective of inducing the culture of Science learning and promoting the concept of critical thinking amongst children at every level of society The Dawood Foundation (TDF) hosted Science Fun Show at its adopted school Govt. Girls Primary School Rahat-e-Islamia. The show was conducted by Pakistan Science Club (PSC) with the support of Alif Ailaan.

The show comprised of two different segments; The Science Show and hands-on activities. The simple yet fun-filled science experiments mesmerised young students as they watched the wonders of Science. Some experiments such as Elephant Toothpaste, Balance stick, Burst balloon with lemon, Inertia activities, Water in upside down bottle not only amused students but also educated them to learn the simple concept of Science like pressure, chemical reactions, forces, and balance. Children designed the cardboards helicopters in the hands-on activity. This experiential involvement helped them to learn Science with entertainment.

“I liked all experiments but especially the Elephant Toothpaste is my favourite one. The big and beautiful outburst of coloured foam from flask was a surprise when I saw it for the first time. The beauty of this chemical reaction is that the foam comes out of nowhere. That’s fun!” said Osama a student of second grade.

Talking about the objectives, Hina Mehtab, the Principal of TDF adopted school said, “The primary requirement of the present era is to think critically and learn with fun. As teachers, it is our mission to equip children with knowledge so they can thrive in society and play their role in the development of the nation.”

Abdul Rauf, President and the Founder of Pakistan Science Club highlighted the importance of such activities and said, “We would like to thank TDF for providing us with the opportunity to interact with students. We see a new hope in the faces of children while watching and conducting scientific experiments. Indeed, the enthusiasm of the children is commendable. We believe that if such activities gain momentum in future then the establishment of the Science Museum in Pakistan would be possible provided the government and corporate sectors’ support.”


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