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Further Galaxy S10 5G variant leaks

As time progresses and we get closer and closer to the launch of Samsung’s latest and upcoming flagship smartphone – The Galaxy S10; more and more leaks with regards to the phone have started to surface. Now, an all new leak has gone on to suggest that Samsung’s upcoming phone will actually be coming with a huge 12 gigs of RAM, along with a terabyte of on board storage – sounds unreal, right? It’s quite likely that such specs would actually be for the most premium of all the s10 variants – meaning that these specs will probably be for the 5G variant of the phone – which also happens to be called “Beyond X”.

The 5G variant is expected to come with a huge 6.7 inch display, and while the phone already seems to have it all (supposedly), with the 12 gigs of RAM, and a terabyte of storage, there are rumors which suggest that the phone might actually come with no less than six cameras – just imagine!

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With regards to the previous reports in time, the launch of the Galaxy s10 is likely to take place in an event, which is supposed to take place in February of next year. However, with regards to the 5G variant, it is expected that it will make its debut later on – after the eventual debut of the 5G networks.

The reports that the phone will come with 12 gigs of RAM, and a terabyte of storage seem to be gaining great popularity as a report from Hong Kong based GF securities also went on to confirm that the highest end s10 will indeed feature with such specs. Whether expandable storage will be an option, is not subject to confirmation just yet, however, even if it isn’t, I wouldn’t say that it would actually be a deal breaker, especially when considering the fact that the phone will already have a terabyte of storage.

The upcoming flagship from the Korean manufacturer will be available in a range of colors – primarily, in White, Black, Yellow, as well as Green. Some of them might as well also feature with gradient colors.


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