Researchers based in the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) have recently been studying a new method which aims at harvesting technology from human movements. The results with regards to this particular study could indeed bring about a shift in technology used in wearable technology such as smartwatches in the future – in fact, the process might even be termed as revolutionary.

In accordance with a report coming in from SCMP, the researchers actually happen to be studying a swinging metal pole which in its own right is designed so as to mimic the movements of human arms. The device which happens to be built in order to harvest energy from such movement actually goes on to utilize a highly compact generator – which constants ten components. This includes both the motion capture unit as well as the power generation unit. The primary aim that is there with regards to the objective of this particular study is to find out the manner in which energy might be harvested – the energy which would actually be created via human motion so as to power smartwatches and wristbands.

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The research which was commenced just earlier this year commenced due to the fact that the wearable market observed a major boom all across the globe. In more recent times, the industry in relation to smartwatches as well as other wearables has grown and is expected to rise even further once the market fully recovers from the coronavirus pandemic. Just last year we witnessed as the wearable industry became a $20.65 billion market – and it is projected that this figure will actually reach $96.31 billion by 2027.

Moreover, the success of Future smartwatches that has followed might also be down to the fact that this particular segment has become increasingly health centric as OEMs are continually offering features which go a long way in helping users map their blood oxygen levels, heart rate, sleep patterns and more. And now, with the growth of health enthusiasts, this technology will obviously also benefit the entire consumer market as a whole as well. At the current moment in time, the primary concern attached with such devices happens to be battery life and with the advancement in this particular category – such issues might soon be resolved.


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