Sometimes it s good to have a phone take headlines for so long, but sometimes it isn’t. The latter has been the case for the Galaxy Fold which has been in the headlines for around a year now. It all started with a few renders, a hands-on stage from Samsung and a few months later reviewers had them in their hands. But that didn’t last long, did it? Several issues came into the spotlight causing Samsung to take the Fold back for some revisiting. The fold was said to be not durable enough causing half of the screen to blink. Some claimed that the protective film destroyed the device when it was peeled off. And these are just a few. Samsung was worried with Huawei breathing down their necks, but who knew they’ll have their own mess to sort out soon.

Now that the Fold was back at the headquarters, it was time to tune the device so that those buying the $2000 device would not have to worry on how fragile the device was. The few teaks included, a more sturdier protective film, and the display being inside of it rather than placing it on top. The hinge was also redesigned to provide for a more stronger and longer lasting fold. That’s where the claim of being able to Fold the fold 150,000 was done by Samsung, and while some of us just accepted the stat, others were vary of it.


This includes CNET, who then held a 14-hour live stream for the purpose of folding and unfolding the device and who knew, Samsung was exaggerating the stat. The Fold could afford around 120,000 folds until it called its quits.

Putting that into perspective, if one folds the device 10 times a day, that would allow 3650 folds each year and that the Fold could last a while, but still that’s a very variable thing which differs from person to person so only time can tell how the Fold holds up!


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