Samsung’s first foldable device in the Galaxy Fold has already made its way into the markets of many countries all across the globe. Now though, the device will be making its way into yet another Asian country – this time in Indonesia. The device will soon be available for Pre-orders.

As far as other markets are concerned though, the Galaxy Fold is expected to feature in limited quantities and will only be available via Pre-orders. The Korean manufacturer has also warned many that the device will be available only on first-come-first-serve basis. Also, much to the credit of Samsung, the Galaxy Fold will be featuring with a pair of Galaxy buds along with a case to go with the phone – all inside the box.

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For now though, we’re still in the dark as to what the official price tag will be for the phone launched in Indonesia. Anyways, one may take into consideration the price that was introduced in the US – being $1980, which amounts to 27 million Indonesian Rupiah.

Also, for all those who are excited by the launch, it is indeed worth nothing that the very next generation of the Galaxy Fold is expected to make its in February of next year – and it is expected that it will come with a cheaper price tag when compared with the year’s device. And so it will be very interesting to see whether people take upon themselves to spend thousands of dollars on a device which is likely to go extinct once the next device arrives just a couple of months from now.

Though with respect to the anticipation that the fold has been met with in recent times coupled with the consumer irrationality found throughout – don’t be at all surprised if this is exactly the case!


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