Samsung Galaxy Folder 2, the second model of Samsung smart flip phone series has just released, in Korea.

The smartphone was first made public and revealed back in September last year named as Samsung Galaxy Folder 2. But, it was just available on a limited scale in China. It seems that the corporation sought after to beta test if the flip phones would work today’s era. When Candybar seems to be the only leading form aspect in the global smartphone market. Currently, the smartphone has been released in South Korea as well.

Features and specs

Powered by Android 6.0 the smartphone has a 3.8 inches LCD display measuring a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. You will get this smartphone by featuring a mid ranged quad-core Snapdragon 425 chipset with 2 GB of RAM. The Samsung Galaxy Folder 2 will have 1,950 mAh detachable Li-ion battery. The smartphone has a pedometer application and a set of 15 ringtones. There is an 8 MP main shooter for amazing pictures, on the backside along with a 5 MP selfie camera.


At this moment in time, it might be tricky to forecast if these types of smartphones still brag and get a handsome share from a global market. Nowadays, the global smartphone marketplace is conquered by candy bar smartphones. Approximately all the smartphone manufacturers are putting their focus on slab-like touch phones for their flagship variety. On the other hand, the conventionally framed shapes can still perceive a renewal for 2017 appeared to be a hospitable year for the nostalgia-hitting smartphones from some time ago well-recognized names like Nokia.


The Samsung Galaxy Folder 2 smartphone will arrive in two alternatives, 3G and LTE. Both versions will have outlay starting from KRW 297,000 (USD 260).


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