Galaxy J2 Pro a smartphone with no internet connectivity. The smarts of the smartphones are mostly associated with their data connection, but there is also a phone that you will call “smart” even being aware of the fact that it is not able to connect with internet.

Shocked or amazed? Well, that’s the same was my reaction towards this news until I went through the full story while visiting a website.

Instead of proceeding to the story with riddles, I would like to tell you that this newly announced phone is coming from South Korean tech giant Samsung. The reason behind calling this phone smart is that the phone is specially made for students and olders that’s why the lack of data connectivity is a good deal.

The smartphone without internet connectivity is called Galaxy J2 Pro and it supports calls and texts, but again with no data connectivity.

This new Galaxy J2 Pro is being pushed for students and older folks and parents hoping to free their children from distraction can pick one up for the kiddo, and with this phone available to kids, they do not have to worry about content from third-party apps or dank internet memes from corrupting their young, innocent  minds, though they can still be reached by call & text.

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The phone is loveable for those seniors that do not feel themselves to be comfortable with technology, and they can have something a bit more reliable and performant than a flip phone in form of Galaxy J2Pro, without being worried about apps or data.

Specs of this phone include a 5″ SAMOLED display, qHD (960×540) display, and unnamed 1.4GHz quad-core SoC. It supports 1.5GB RAM, 2,600mAh replaceable battery, alongside 8MP rear camera and 5MP front-facing camera.

The Gakaxy J2 Pro offers an expandable storage via a microSD slot.

It is available in black or gold & should run 199,100 won (~$185). Notable omissions of the phone include 3G/LTE data and Wi-Fi.

The phone us available in Korea and Samsung has given this phone some type of promotions that are available for people aged 18-21 until June 30th.

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