Just earlier in this week, it has been suggested that the Galaxy M41 might be the very first phone from Korean manufacturer Samsung to feature with an OLED display that happens to be supplied by a third-party manufacturer – in this case : TCL’s Star Optoelectronics Technology. However, now, the latest news which surrounds Samsung just goes on to suggest that the company has decided to cancel the phone.

In accordance with what SamMobile has had to say, Samsung has actually “stopped work” on the Galaxy M41 and now is instead working on the Galaxy M51. Unfortunately enough for now, there happens to be no explanation out there so as to why Samsung has decided to abandon a device whose renders were released only back in March.

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The M51 though has been in development for quite the while and was also supposed to use OLED panels coming from a third-party. But this changed though as Samsung decided on to use its very own in-house panels rather than the third-party one since reportedly, they didn’t meet its quality.

The specs surrounding the Galaxy M51 are still unknown, however, recent speculation as well as some previous rumors have indeed been indicative of the point that the M51 will share several specs and even design, with the Galaxy A51. This won’t at all be surprising because Samsung adopted pretty much a similar strategy with its Galaxy M30s and the Galaxy A50s.

For now though, one thing is for sure : Samsung’s decision to use third-party panels has been subject to suspension until the next year – in accordance with the source that has revealed the cancelation of the M41 as well as the progression of the M51. The M51, for now, doesn’t have a set release date – however, many expect that Samsung will in fact announce the phone this month.


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