While we’re still waiting for the Google Pixel 4a to make its way into the market, the next big thing when it comes to smartphone releases is in fact the Galaxy Note 20 series. At an event which is held every year termed as Galaxy Unpacked, Samsung goes on to usually release the Note lineup. Usually, the event takes place in August.

And now, in the latest turn of events, we have heard from two different leakers that the 2020 version of the Galaxy unpacked event might end up taking place on the 5th of August. This would of course then mean that the launch for the Galaxy Note 20 series too will officially take place on the very same date.

Of course in light of the current circumstances, the event will most likely take place online. This would be a huge shift for Samsung as the company has made a habit of usually holding its unpacked events in huge spaces that usually happen to be reserved for concerts as well as sporting events.

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For now though, you should keep in mind that all the information that is coming through is not at all from an official standpoint, rather, it is based only on rumors. It is then quite possible that the Galaxy unpacked event might end being held on a completely different date too. But an August 5 date for the launch of the Galaxy Note 20 lineup does at the same time also make quite some sense.

Also, we might see Samsung launching even more products at this particular event – most notable of which could be the Galaxy Fold 2. There might also be a new Galaxy Tab S7 tablet and a new Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 on the cards. But as you would imagine, it is expected that the Galaxy Note 20 devices will take the center stage as far as the event goes and will without doubt be the highlight of the event.


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