Galaxy Note 8 facing issue while charging

Galaxy Note 8 facing issue while charging
Galaxy Note 8 facing issue while charging

Some Samsung Galaxy Note 8 clients report that their phones won’t turn on or charge after they’ve given the phone’s battery a chance to deplete totally. Samsung knows about the issue and is supplanting the influenced phones on a case for each case premise. It’s not yet clear what number of devices are influenced by the issue.

Users have announced that their Galaxy Note 8 phones decline to acknowledge a charge or turn on after the battery level goes to 0% and the phone kills. Clients have attempted diverse links and chargers to ensure this isn’t an issue with the charger, however in fact an issue with the telephone.

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On the Samsung US gatherings, a director passing by the name SamsungMel encourages clients to restore their devices for a guarantee substitution unit. “This specific issue with the Note 8 not turning on is unquestionably something that we need to get tended to quickly,” SamsungMel says.

Up until this point, it appears that Note 8 telephones from different bearers are influenced, with clients on Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and Sprint revealing the issue.

A year prior, Samsung was compelled to review the Galaxy Note 7 after reports from clients that its battery detonated. This, obviously, is a less horrible issue, however one that is regardless genuine.

Do you have the Samsung Galaxy Note 8? Have you encountered this issue? On the off chance that you have, share your involvement with us in the remarks beneath.


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