Galaxy Note 9 will feature everything “bigger” this time. There is good news for all those who love bigger display, bigger battery and bigger storage as famous leaker “Ice Universe” has revealed at Twitter that how Samsung is going to take a “bigger-may-be-better” approach for the upcoming Note 9.

According to Ice Universe, the Note 9 will be revealed on August 2 or August 9th in New York.

In the smartphone market worldwide, the Galaxy Note series is one of the most-loved series. The in the series has been produced a lot of legends, like the Note 4, on the other hand, the flops such as the Note 7.

Back to the topic, as Ice Universe has talked about a “bigger” Note 9 in latest Tweet so this is what it meant:

Bigger Display

The upcoming Note 9 is expected to have a 6.4-inch display. Although, this might not be look as different from the Note 8’s 6.3-inch display however, in actual facts, it is going to be the largest screen panel fit in a smartphone being manufactured for the masses by Samsung.

Bigger Storage

Samsung will offer up to 512 GB of storage (as claimed by Ice Universe). To your info, it is actually twice the highest offered in any other smartphone made by the company.

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Bigger Battery

Earlier, as you people know, the Note 8 was extensively criticized for having a small battery, i.e. just 3300 mAh. As a result, this time Samsung has responded to this criticism by allegedly placing a 4000 mAh battery in the upcoming Note 9.

Bigger RAM

Till now, the maximum amount of RAM provided in a smartphone by Samsung is 6 GB in the S9+ and Note 8. However, now Samsung is planning to enlarge the bar by installing 8 GB RAM in the Note 9.

What about Design?

On the other hand, in spite of these increases in display, Ram or battery consumers are waiting and expecting a better design of the Note 9 this time.

Ice Universe exposed Samsung’s design potential, in which he discussed how Samsung has the ability to absolutely finish the bezel count at the bottom of the phone to improve the edges and to offer a sleek touch. But, still the company chooses to offer a design with a lot of needless bezels.

Now, wait and watch to see, if the Note 9 will be able to take on the series’ legacy of high-quality phablets or will it turn out as a failure just like the Note 7?


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