Galaxy Note 9. According to many reports, and one report in particular from tech media’s most trusted leaks reporters, WinFuture’s Roland Quandt, when Samsung releases its latest flagship – the Galaxy Note 9 it will be come with a huge specification. Now one might be thinking that I’m perhaps going to go on about the camera, about how brilliant the camera will be on the Galaxy Note 9, or maybe some unorthodox thinkers will suddenly be thinking about some new design that Samsung will endure upon us, however this is not the case.

As stated earlier, Win Future’s Roland Quandt, and some other reports have given us an idea as to what we can expect from the Galaxy Note 9, what the next big thing the phone will bring about in the world of smartphones – which is that the Galaxy Note 9 will come with 512GB of native storage. If this indeed turns out to be the case, then the phone will be the first ever to feature with such high level of storage, and even though it sounds a bit too luxurious for the normal consumer, it will certainly give consumers an extra option, an option they just as might approach with a sense of appreciation.

Enough about the storage, though. According to reports, the pricing of the phones will challenge the price tags which were enrolledupon by the iPhone X a few months ago. The reports state that the standard 128GB Note 9 will come with a hefty price tag of £950, while the 512GB version will come at a scary price tag of £1150. As stated earlier, these price tags are certainly there to challenge the prices laid upon by the iPhone X, however it is also true that while the prices are similar, the Note 9 will give double the storage, in both the cases.

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What we can expect from the Galaxy Note 9 is pretty much what we currently have with the Galaxy Note 8. The design probably won’t be of much change, like the case of Galaxy S8 and S9, however, maybe a better camera, better processor as well. Although the design might not be all that new, one upgrade to the previous Note which we can expect is a Bluetooth enabled S-pen.

Samsung will have to make its calculations pinpoint though. Sure the iPhone X was heavily priced, and to place such high prices on its latest flagship to counter those of its fiercest rival does make sense for Samsung, it doesn’t mean that the customers will follow the pattern and Samsung will reach the expected amount of sales, especially after such high prices are imposed upon. After all, the sales of the Galaxy S9 have been rather sluggish to say the least, and it won’t be wrong to say that there will be some level of optimism required for Samsung to reach the expected amount of sales with the Note 9, and regain some of its lost pride after the not so impressive sale numbers provided by its current flagship, the S9.


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