In the past, a lot of users have been trying to trick the security systems on phones to check how vulnerable they are in cases of theft or spooking. As the technology world evolved, we moved on from passcodes to biometrics, and that’s where all this started. People started with trying to fool fingerprints and then came Face Unlock which was much easier, as only a photo was required for most systems except the iPhone which had a much more comprehensive system to detect the face.

The latest tests have been on the Galaxy S10 which hosts probably the most advanced fingerprint sensor among all competitors. The ultra-sonic reader does not use the 2D image of the phone to store in the phone as security, but rather shines off light against the finger to detect patterns which are way more secure than the conventional method used in majority of the phones. Samsung did their part in making the reader as secure as possible, but there are still some people adamant on finding loop holes in the system. Eventually, one of them did. But for sure, it wasn’t easy.

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So, what this person actually did was to create a 3D fingerprint of his fingers to use it on the S10 to unlock it, and the phone did. But why isn’t this concerning, at all? Because one who might have access to your finger to create a 3D copy might just as well use the original finger to unlock the phone rather than creating it on a 3D printer, which brings us to the next problem. Its not a daily household requirement: the 3D printer. It is really expensive and not available as widely as one would think.

this is far blown out of proportion comparing to older hack attempts to unlock a phone using a photo instead of a real facial or iris recognition. That is far more accessible. Fingerprint 3D-models are much more complicated to replicate, and we’re not necessarily talking about the tech required to replicate them, but the need for an actual fingerprint to replicate.

So as long as you stay away from people with 3D printers just waiting to get your finger 3D printed, you and your S10 would be just fine!


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