The competition in flagship devices is getting furious with every new device hitting the market. The tech giant Samsung is also trying hard to bring more fresh features in store for the Galaxy S10 than an in-display finger scanner.
Well, it would be in favor of the company as these biometric identifications embedded in the phone display itself are not an innovation anymore. Since, it is already available in the smartphone like Mi 8 which comes under the price tag of $400-$500.

Interestingly, now the Meizu which can be termed as second-tier Chinese smartphone makers (in terms of sales,
not handset quality) is offering in-display finger scanners in its next flagship devices Meizu 16 and 16 Plus.
In this way, it freed a plentiful amount of space on the bottom bezel so it can be neat in a radical manner resulting in an “all screen” phones with vast displays.

Hence, this time Samsung better come with something new other than in-display finger scanners. Well,
flagship devices should offer flagship specs.

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As we reported yesterday, the Meizu 16 and 16 Plus will come with Snapdragon 845 chipsets, 6/8GB RAM, and 64-256 GB storage in three variants, depending on the price tag.

Talking about the price tag, for the 6GB/64GB model of the 16 plus offering 6” it starts from the equivalent of $400 and for the 6.5″ Meizu 16 Plus it cost $585 with an 8GB/256GB memory combination.

Moreover, it features a dual camera set up at the back with 20MP + 12MP, offering 3x lossless zoom with the telephoto lens, and wide f/1.8 aperture. While on the front side a 20MP selfie cam with portrait mode is fixed in the top bezel.

On the other hand, the new Meizu flagships come with a fascinating ring flash on the back, for more even lighting, which could prove to be an additional unique feature to attract more users.

However, right now the only disturbing part on the paper looks its 3010mAh and 3640mAh battery capacities. But, before presenting any verdict, we’ll have to wait and watch how well the battery capacity goes.

In a nutshell, the defining feature of the Galaxy S10 is already on $500 phones whose specs are nothing to sob at, too. The storyline is Samsung need to bring something more extraordinary to hit the minds and hearts of target buyers of its anniversary S-line edition “S10”.

And, according to sources, S10 is expected to be priced at $700+ which is higher than Meizu phones offering somewhat same features what Samsung boost about.


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