Galaxy S10 series exceed 500,000 shipments in Mainland China

Samsung’s latest flagship series – the Galaxy S10 series have been welcomed with open arms by the local public, with the three phones being very well received. It seems that Samsung has really managed to have everything in one big package – with the package including a great design, a great camera, great performance as well as good battery life.

The statistics without doubt support the statement that Samsung’s latest flagship series have done quite well in the market, as according to reports, the Korean manufacturer has managed to ship more than 500 thousand units of the Galaxy S10 series smartphones so far. While quite impressive, such a statistic doesn’t come as a surprise to many – when you consider the fact that Samsung had managed to sell the same number of devices from the Galaxy S10 series in 7 days what took 30 days for the Galaxy s9 series phones.

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Even more impressive was the latest news coming in from Hong Kong recently, in which it is believed that Samsung managed to sell out the phones within two weeks of the launch inthe country. With the latest statistics being made apparent, you would expect the sales forecast number for the S10 devices to be on the rise – and so is so : as the sales forecast for the device have indeed increased by three percent, with Samsung expected to sell around 40 to 45 million units of the phones in the year alone.

Some had speculated at the time when the phones were finally launched that many would be put off by the huge prices that the phones come with. That hasn’t obviously turned out to be the case, as Samsung has indeed manage to convince the mass public that innovation does cost money!

Talking about the price, the Galaxy S10e features with a price tag of 4,999 Yuan, while it would cost just 1,999 Yuan if you exchange with your old device. On the other hand, the Galaxy S10 comes at 5,999 Yuan, however, would cost 2,999 Yuan with the old-for-new phone offer. Finally, the S10 Plus costs 6,999 Yuan, being available for 3,999 with the exchange offer in mind.

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