Galaxy S10 users facing problems

Galaxy S10 users facing problems
Galaxy S10 users facing problems

The more recent news surrounding Samsung revolves around the company rolling out the One UI 2.0 beta which happens to be based around Google’s latest version of Android in the Android 10. The beta version has been released in an attempt to give users an overview of things that are to arrive. However, while the experience might be of interest to many, users are now facing some issues as some have reported to have been locked out of their respective devices. Galaxy S10 users facing problems.

These users, on the Galaxy S10 subreddit and Samsung forum have in recent times reported that their phones are refusing to accept PIN codes, passwords or indeed pattern unlocks after a successful restart of the device had been carried out.

Users that have the option of Remote Unlock functionality enabled have stated that while they can use the Find My Mobile service to delete the previously enrolled authentication option, they cannot actually change the PIN/pattern/password thereafter.

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If for instance you too are facing the same problems but don’t exactly have the aforementioned functionality enabled, then perhaps you would like to downgrade to Android Pie via the Samsung switch or maybe even entertain the thought of factory resetting your device. And while this might work for some, several users have gone on to report that they still cannot set an authentication option even after doing this.

If you are interested in going in the direction of One UI 2.0 beta and have a Galaxy S10, then you might want to disable authentication while also enabling Remote Unlock before you actually go ahead with the installation.

But then again the question rises – why even take the risk? Come to think of it, if you go ahead with the download anyways, you will be risking the installation of beta firmware on your device. The main purpose of beta testing is to find any bugs or issues that might present and hence it is guaranteed that these issues won’t actually be there in the stable One UI 2.0 release.


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