In the past few months, leaks as well as rumors regarding the Galaxy S20 series have been constantly on the rise – as these range from the likes of the processing capabilities that the devices will bring along with them, to the likes of the camera details and the design.

Now though, the latest batch of news that surrounds the Galaxy S20 series is in relation to the release date – as the latest speculation states that the flagships will be launched on the 13th of March, in France.

This is the only apparent release date for one country, and hence it is very possible that other markets will come with a different release date altogether. However, it is interesting to note that Samsung, with the Galaxy S10 series last year, released the devices globally in around 70 countries on the same date in the 8th of March – with this including Europe. And so the release date touted to be in France might end up as the release date for the first wave of nations, including the likes of US, Korea and the rest of Europe.

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And so if indeed the March 13 date applies to the first wave nations as well, this would mean that potential customers would then have to wait around a month from the reveal date in order to buy a Galaxy S20 device. As far as the S10 series is concerned, it was unveiled on the 20th of February while going on sale on the 8th of March – a gap of just over two weeks.

In any case though, when and if you do get your hands on the Galaxy S20 series device, expect a Snapdragon 865 or Exynos 990 processor, center-mounted punch-hole displays with a refresh rate of 120Hz, big battery upgrades and finally : 8K recording capabilities.


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