Galaxy Z Flip’s glass display fails at every level

Galaxy Z Flip

The Galaxy Z Flip – which is Samsung’s latest entry within its foldable segment is the first foldable device that features with a glass display. However, courtesy of a “protective layer,” the top-most surface found, which you interact with is only as durable as a plastic screen protector. With respect to a testing video which was published very recently, it can be seen quite easily as to how often the phone has the tendency to get scratched.

Indeed in JerryRigEverything’s latest test video, the display level scratches at Mohs’ level 2 – which suggests that the top most surface has the same durability as plastic. Later on, the screen also proceeds on to take indents from a fingernail – this being more practical as a real life example. Conclusive evidence therefore does suggest that those of you who have long fingernails would have to be a little more cautious when picking up the Z Flip.

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While the testing was being carried out, it was suggested by the producer that Samsung might actually be using a “hybrid” material like for example bits of glass in an attempt to enhance durability. Samsung’s take on the issue is that the thin screen is topped by a less durable protective layer.

The company has been trying to convince everyone that the Galaxy Z Flip does indeed employ actual glass – and there also happens to be a report which actually shows that it cracks likes a real glass too. The explanation given out that there are actually two layers to the display also makes quite a bit of sense. In any case though, there are indeed indications that it is much less durable than what we had previously hoped for. It’s almost as if Samsung has given its customers a false sense of security when they call it glass – when in all actuality, it is much more fragile than advertised.


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