Instant apps are not a thing of the past now, as they have been available on the play store for quite the while now. This feature allows the users to access the apps without actually downloading them. Now, Google is taking the process further, after revealing a brand new feature – the “try now” button. This button will be located right next to the “install” or “buy” buttons. This feature, for now, is exclusively for the games in the play store.

According to various reports and tester, hitting the button leads to the launch of a demo – this demo requires no installation. The demo is a small file to say the least – and can be up to around only 10MB in size. The demo prompts users to download or purchase the product, once it reaches it end.

The technology is based around App On Board, and is apparently the innovation of the mobile company itself. The implementation of the technology though had already been applied, in games such as Cookie Jam blast. It also has the capability to work with titles which have not been as of yet released, including the likes of Looney Tunes World of Mayhem.

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This move was ignited after Google made the announcement of the Google play instant, after the announcement took place at the game developers conference, back in March 2018. This targeted seamless game demos as well. Looking forward, the current play store functionality uses AppOnBoard’s demo engine instead, while it also provides user behavior analytics to the developers.

While game trials isn’t anything new to the app store, as we saw plenty of game trials in app store before, what is new is these solutions generally required the users to download the app anyways. So with this new method in mind, it just seems like this one tap solution is a better way to get more eyes on your title.

Hopefully, such a move would also result in different apps to take a premium approach, rather than the cheap approaches we see far too often these days. After all, the only way these in which you can try a particular paid app on the play store is to actually buy, and then use Google’s fifteen minute window to request a refund in the case the results are unsatisfactory and you are not happy with the product that you have just bought.


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