PUBG Mobile is a mainstream fight royale game appreciated by numerous players everywhere on the world. The fight royale matches are energizing matches that require shooting abilities and system to win. 

The record size of PUBG Mobile is 610 MB, such countless players who don’t have adequate extra room in their cell phones are forgotten about. Such players can check the rundown beneath as all the games are under 100 MB. 

Like PUBG Mobile, players land on an antagonistic land and battle to be the last individual remaining in this fight royale title. The matches are short and keep going for around 15 minutes. 

The guide covers landscapes like mountains, ocean, and so on, and has 4 km * 4 km. Players can get weapons from covers, tossed around the guide, to protect themselves. 

Size: 99 MB 

2. Fight Royale: FPS Shooter 

The contracting safe zone and the battle for endurance in the fight royale matches of this title may help players to remember PUBG Mobile’s ongoing interaction. 

Fight Royale: FPS Shooter has a decent assortment of more than 30 kinds of weapons. The game probably won’t be as practical, however players will make some great memories playing it. 

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Size: 75 MB 

3. Stupendous Pixel Royale Battlegrounds Mobile Battle 

It’s not difficult to say that this title has taken motivation from both Minecraft and fight royale games. Like PUBG Mobile, this game allows players to switch between first-individual and third-individual modes. 

This game has a decent scope of weapons that players can get from the sanctuaries and structures like pixel firearms and AKs. The significant drawback is that a match can have a limit of 10 players in particular. 

Size: 34 MB 

4. Royale Battle Survivor 

The ongoing interaction of this title and PUBG Mobile is comparative. Players stock up on provisions and get amazing weapons from the structures for shielding themselves against adversaries. 

The game offers players different vehicles that they can use to go around the guide. Players may likewise get Red Dead Redemption vibes as they can likewise ride a pony to get away from adversaries. 

Size: 99 MB 

5. Firearm War: Shooting Games 

PUBG Mobile players will like this title as it spins around shooting and enduring. There are 6 unique game sorts they can appreciate and a sum of 124 energizing shooter undertakings. 

The game has a decent arms stockpile of more than 50 sorts of weapons that players can utilize. Players need to utilize technique so they can without much of a stretch evade slugs terminated by adversaries. 

Size: 62 MB


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