GamesCon 2019, Honor Game-Pad unveiled at the event

So the major mobile phone manufacturing Chinese company, Huawei have officially stepped in to the world of gaming. The Chinese company are well known in the field of technology and in terms of global Market Share of the mobile phone industry, Huawei currently posses the second spot just behind Samsung in the rankings. Moreover at the GamesCon which is an annual event taken place for games held in Germany. The companyofficially unveiled the Honor Game-Pad. Moreover, this year’s event started yesterday on the 20th of August and this event will carry on until Saturday, 24th August. Moreover, the Chinese smartphone maker, Honor, was at the fair yesterday where the company unveiled the Honor GamePad. Moreover, the Chinese smartphone maker, Honor, was at the fair yesterday where the company it unveiled the Honor GamePad.

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Moving on the new GamePad is a controller which attaches to your using w USB-C but it actually works with Bluetooth, giving you a wireless connection. The USB-C connection is to supply or take power from your phone. Yes, the 400mAh built-in battery is fully ableto supply power o your phone during intense gaming when and where you require it but on top of that It also has the option of drawing power from the  phone as well.

The Honor GamePadis currently available in black with bright yellow buttons theme which gives the device a modern look. There is a trigger button at the top along with a joystick and a D-pad. In addition to that you will also find a black button below the D-pad. XDA-Developers reports that the buttons are easily customizable depending on the user’s preference but it also depends on the compatibility with the game.

Honor are yet to reveal the price of the gamepad or when this device will be made available for purchase, they did however, mention that this new product will be sold in Western Europe later in the year.. While the controller is designed for Honor phones, the adjustable clamp should make it work for most devices (with USB-C).

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