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Gaming laptops with cooling black technology from ROG

As part of the Strix (Gun God) series of gaming laptops, ROG has released a video previewing the upcoming products in the series. A thermal black technology will be used in the series, according to official announcements.

There are three cooling fans on the ROG Strix gaming laptop, as shown in the picture above. In addition, the laptop will allow the installation of two RAM modules and two SSD modules.

A few official hints have suggested that ROG’s new Strix gaming laptop will have a significantly higher performance release for the CPU and GPU.

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There are rumors that ROG will announce a new generation of high-end gaming laptops in the near future that will have processors from the 13th-generation Core HX series, capable of up to 8 large cores and 16 small cores. In terms of graphics cards, this series of laptops will be equipped with RTX 4060 to 4090 GPUs, of which the RTX 4090 flagship model is expected to come with the same specifications as the RTX 4080 desktop GPU.

In the past few days, ROG has already made it clear that its press conference for CES 2023 will be held at 10 am on January 3rd, Las Vegas time, on January 4th.


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