Geekbench list Nokia 7.2 on the website

Geekbench list Nokia 7.2 on the website
Geekbench list Nokia 7.2 on the website

So the major mobile analysis platform, Geekbench has just listed the upcoming Nokia 7.2 device which according to the company, will be a mid-range smartphone. Moreover the new device is set to debut later in the month and will first make its way in to the Chinese market after which it will be globally launched at IFA in September. Moreover, before the inevitable launch of the device, the phone has already been listed on Geekbench. The benchmark result reveals key details about its specs including information regarding the processor of the new device..

The device was bench marked yesterday and was dubbed as the  “HMD Global Nokia 7.2”. According to the listing the new device will run the Android 9 and will have a built in 6GB of RAM. There are expected to be other RAM variants as well however this may be the configuration with the highest RAM. The predecessor of the device, the Nokia 7.1 was announced in 3GB RAM and 6GB RAM variants.In terms of hardware the new phone has the base frequency of 1.84GHz. After comparing it to that of other devices that have been benchmarked and the chipset which has the same base frequency is the Snapdragon 660, which we expect will power the new device.

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Hence it is concluded that the new device will in fact come packed  with a Snapdragon 660 processor as was reported before. This is a fair upgrade considering the Nokia 7.1 is powered by a  Snapdragon 636 processor, hence shows that the new model already has an edge over the previous model. The device scored 1604 points in the single-core test and 5821 points in the multi-core test, when compared with other mid rangers in the market the most similar to the Nokia 7.1 was the to the scores of the Redmi Note 7 which is powered by the same chipset.The Nokia 7.2 is said to come with atriple rear camera setupat the back which have been arranged in a circular way. The configuration of the cameras is stillto be revealed however it is expected that the device will support a ZEISS lens. The phone should also have an FHD+ display and a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner.


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