Recently the German intelligence agency (BfV) has claimed that Chinese intelligence agencies are making fake profiles on LinkedIn to collect information about German officials and politicians.

The agency blamed that Chinese intelligence used the social networking site LinkedIn to target around 10,000 Germans, probably to hire them as informants.

BfV has claimed the objective of Chinese intelligence was to gain access to the high officials of the German government. In a bid to get this high profile information Chinese intelligence released a number of fake profiles.

The head of BfV named Hans-Georg Maassen, has stated that Chinese intelligence agents cloaked as consultants, or researchers are working through social networking sites particularly LinkedIn to target the high officials.

According to Maassen,

“This is a broad-based attempt to infiltrate in particular parliaments, ministries, and government agencies. The infections are difficult to detect since network connections between service providers and their customers aren’t suspicious. This gives the attacker an even better disguise than before.”

In addition, BfV has exposed that these Chinese intelligence agencies are emulating approachs of other organizations like the Association France Euro-Chine and Global View Strategic Consulting.

Now all those users in Germany who thought that they had been targeted are requested by authorities to make contact with the BfV.

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The current situation is alarming for German agency as Chinese Intelligence is using the technique to recruit high-ranking politicians as informants.

On the other hand, China has denied allegations of cyber spying and has not yet responded to the German claim. As they previously follow the same old policy, not to answer such claims.

After this incident, it looks like the Chinese are at the forefront in cyberspying and online theft.

As recently, behind the ATM skimming in Pakistan, FIA found Chineses’ involvement.

In ATM skimming incident which happened in Karachi and Islamabad HBL observed a massive fraud and hundreds of citizens lost millions due to this fraud.


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