Arsenal and German attacking midfielder Ozil, has been under a lot of scrutiny because of his Turkish roots. Last summer, just before the World Cup he was criticized for being with the Turkish president, Erdogan and later quit the national team because of ‘racism’.

That criticism is going nowhere, since Ozil was pictured again with the president inviting him to his wedding this summer. Bild did not disclose the wedding date in the report which stated Ozil wants Erdogan to attend as his witness.The reported invite drew sharp criticism in Germany, whose government has been sharply at odds with Ankara over a range of human rights questions in recent years.“I think it’s inappropriate,” German politician Cem Ozdemir, whose parents are Turkish, told Bild on Sunday.

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“Everyone is allowed to invite who they want to their wedding,” he said. “That also obviously applies to Mesut Ozil, but former and current national team players are also role models.


“They must ask themselves if they live up to that role, when they give themselves up to autocrats, who enrich themselves at the expense of their country and make dissenters disappear into pits.”

The Arsenal midfielder, a third-generation German, sparked controversy when he was pictured alongside Erdogan last May, raising questions about his loyalty to Germany on the eve of their disastrous World Cup campaign in Russia.

Being famous is no easy task, specially in the current day and age with media on you in moments. There is a lot of exaggeration that has previously and continues to cause a lot of mayhem in the career of different athletes. It is the right of anyone to invite anyone to his or her wedding and it shouldn’t be linked to their loyalty because there are two different matters. However, media has a way of getting to people and can really deteriorate matters, Ozil is just the latest of such examples.


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