Germany is offering Pakistani’s to avail up to 3 Million Jobs

    Germany is offering Pakistani's to avail up to 3 Million Jobs
    Germany is offering Pakistani's to avail up to 3 Million Jobs

    The Germany foreign ministry has written a letter to the government of Pakistan in which they require Pakistan to play a notable role in providing labor for their country. Moreover according to a news agency established in Germany Katholische Nachrichten – Agentur (KNA) have seemingly reported stating on the Spegiel Online that German foreign office’s Europe Wing has written a letter to the Pakistani foreign Ministry explaining them their desire to seek good and skilled labor from Pakistan.

    The letter mentions the specific fields and categories in which they require the said labor force and the reports also claims that the European country is willing to offer up to 3million jobs to the Pakistani people, including the skilled IT experts and engineers of Pakistan and according to the News agency from Germany, this letter was sent to the Pakistani foreign ministry on the 26th of October 2018 and it mentioned that all of the workers would be facilitated to enter their country in accordance with the proper legal work.

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    It should also be noted that one of the largest European economy and a country which is a significant part of European Union is facing a shortage of the workforce or moreover a shortage of youth who are willing to work for the on the job training for up to 3 years and hence this has become a major concern for the finance ministry of one of the most stable economies of the world, Germany. To cope with the problem the German cabinet came up with this solution and are hence seeking skilled labor from outside of Europe and have also decided to ease the laws for people who are willing to work in Germany. Moreover this can be a very positive note for the youth of Pakistan who are currently finding it very hard to earn a living, even with a desired skill set and CV hence this can be beneficial for the youth of Pakistan, after the country’s failure in recent years to provide suitable jobs for their youth who have earned a suitable education.


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