Get ready folks, Mehwish Hayat getting ready to play her hero, Benazir Bhutto in biopic
Get ready folks, Mehwish Hayat getting ready to play her hero, Benazir Bhutto in biopic

So one of the best female actors of the Pakistani film industry, Mehwish Hayat is reportedly getting ready to play a role in her next big film. The famous actor will be playing the role of Pakistani politics’ most iconic figures, Benazir Bhutto and this is all set to be formed in to a movie. The film will be based on the biography of Benazir Bhutto, who was undoubtedly one of the most prolific politicians to ever come across Pakistani politics. Mehwish Hayat has showed immense pride and excitement over getting to play the iconic Former Prime Minister of Pakistan and in a recent post she made on Instagram, shows that she is getting ready to portray Benazir Bhutto in an upcoming film project.

The 36-year-old Load Wedding star conducted an interview with BBC Urdu and further on basically confirmed the buzz that had surrounded her with this particular role, a role for a biopic for the late Pakistan People’s Party leader .Moreover, in regards to the project the actor stated in her chat with BBC Urdu that  “This is the story of a hero. Benazir Bhutto is a hero to me and I love that woman. Her story is so inspirational to me. It’s important that this generation and the generations ahead see her contributions, her struggles and her progress. She was the first woman [to be] Prime Minister.”

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She also said that the role of Bhutto will be unlike anything she has ever played as it  as it will undoubtedly be a very complex journey, bringing the character on the silver screen and to play such a lively, unique and stylish person will be a very tough ask for which she seems to be getting ready for. It should be noted that just last year, the actor was caught in contention after she released the news about the biopic, against which the deceased leader’s daughter Bakhtawar Bhutto-Zardari reacted strongly, saying no consent was sought from the family regarding the making of the film.


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