Certainly! The recent information suggests that Apple is planning to launch MacBooks with OLED screens in 2026, with the MacBook Pro expected to receive this upgrade first, followed by the MacBook Air a few years later. Currently, the latest MacBook feature M3 chipsets, a new Space Black color option, and a design that remains largely unchanged. While the current MacBook Pro models have mini-LED displays, the upcoming OLED screens are expected to provide advantages such as deeper blacks, a higher contrast ratio, and lower power consumption, potentially improving battery efficiency.


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Industry analyst Jeff Pu from Haitong International Technology Research predicts that Apple will eventually transition to micro-LED displays for MacBooks, with OLED panels serving as an intermediate upgrade. The move to micro-LED displays is expected to begin with the Apple Watch Ultra in 2025, followed by integration into iPhones and iPads in subsequent years.

It’s worth noting that OLED displays are known for their superior image quality, particularly in terms of contrast and color reproduction. However, they may pose challenges such as potential screen burn-in issues, and it remains to be seen how Apple addresses these concerns in their implementation.

Previous reports have also suggested that Samsung Display will be the provider of OLED panels for Apple’s future laptops. Overall, these developments indicate a strategic shift in Apple’s display technology, aiming for enhanced visual performance in their MacBook lineup.


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