Have you been waiting to buy the Samsung galaxy S8 or S8+ but seem to be a little short on cash, or just don’t want to spend such a huge amount of money? Well, then Samsung just might have a very good deal for you.

Samsung is now offering a cool $200 off on the Galaxy S8, or S8+, as long as you trade in your old smartphone, granted it is working, and it meets a set of requirements which are set by Samsung. The simple set of requirements are as follows: the phone can actually power on, normal wear and tear, the screen is not cracked, the phone is not bricked, not blacklisted, and has Android or iOS as its operating system. As long as these conditions are met, your old, and as you might have previously called ‘worthless’ smartphone may now be valued at $200.

It is also important to note a few more things before you get your hopes high. Under no circumstances whatsoever will you get your trade-in back, and if for instance the conditions that Samsung has set are not met by your smartphone, then Samsung will instead value your smartphone at $25.

If you are wondering what you will get on a more recent device, then Samsung will pay $300 for the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy s7, while $350 for the Galaxy S7 edge.


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