Verizon is offering a magnificent trade-in for promotion which will give access to you to get its best phones for $10-$20 a month. All you need to do is be dependent and eligible for this trade-in. If you want to swap old for new smartphones, Verizon has offered a perfect way. It will come in handy if you want to ditch your 2015 flagship for a 2016 one like the Galaxy S7, iPhone 7 or Google’s Pixel.

This exchange brings the price of those three puppies down to $10/month, or $240 over a 24-month period. Furthermore, if you trade in a 2014 flagship, the price per month goes to $15/month for those, while retro trade-ins like the iPhone 5 or the Galaxy S4 will let you get an iPhone 7, Pixel, or S7, for $20/month, which is still pretty good, given that those typically go for around $27/month, plus you get rid of your old phone. All in all, Verizon will give you $200-$400 credit for your old phone, provided that it is in good working and cosmetic condition, which you can use towards a shiny new flagship, which makes the offer a good alternative to Craigslist where your phone will net a similar amount if you sell it yourself.

Get Verizon latest Pixel phone by exchanging your flagship devices


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