Vintage inspired Harley Davidson launch

Giant Harley Davidson electric bike

Giant Harley Davidson recently announced that its plans for an electric bike spin off called serial 1. This plan was announced nearly a year ago. And now, the company is actually planning to sell “limited” numbers of its upcoming retro inspired electric bike model later in the year.

The model going on sale is in fact the S1 Mosh/Tribute that actually pays homage to the “Serial Number One,” which of course happens to be the company’s oldest motorcycle and was built back in 1903. This early bike model from the company had features such as white tires, leather saddle and also handgrips, along with a rather sleek black frame with gold lettering. And now, the latest S1 Mosh/Tribute also features with a large number of similarities to that particular bike, as it too comes with a black frame, white tires and a leather bound seat and handle grip.

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Moreover, the S1 Mosh/Tribute makes way with many features that are identical to Mosh/City, which indeed is Serial 1’s entry level model. This ends up including a Gates Carbon Drive Belt, Brose mid drive motor, TRP hydraulic disc brakes, internally routed cables and wires and also comes with the aid of integrated lighting.The electric bike is built for enthusiasts primarily who would be excited for this new and updated model. Aaron Frank, who happens to find himself in the position of product manager claimed in a statement : “Springboard to launch our S1 series that will see even more exclusive and highly-desirable serial 1 eBike models in the future.” As of right now, the speculation claims that only 650 units will be set for production. Half of these units expected for production will be available in the US, while the other half are expected to be available in Europe. As far as shipments and deliveries go – these are expected to go ahead and begin in the forth quarter of the year.


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