GigTricks, the Global Marketplace Platform opens to the world today with its modern and unique mission to endorse startup businesses and freelancers around the world.

GigTricks is a marketplace where users can find numerous services to offer their reputed clients ranging from just $5 to $10,000. Entrepreneurs can live off their moments by offering business solutions related to Graphics, Design, Logo Design, Digital Marketing, Advertising, eCommerce, Video, Animations, Programming, Technology, Business, Music, Audio, Content Writing, Translation, Lifestyle, and Online Courses

“I’m a great admirer of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s (UAE Vice-President, Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai) 2021 plans for the country whereby the UAE will strategically position itself at the heart of transformations linking East and West – exactly like GigTricks,”said, Amir Shaikh, Founder, and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), “My 25-strong team and I are honored to launch the GigTricks global market with our headquarters in one of the most business-friendly and inviting cities in the world – Dubai.”

Residing in Dubai, Mr. Shaikh is an Entrepreneur and a Business Guru who took a phenomenal start of his career by landing in Project Management Industry. While there, he received the opportunity to run many top-of-the-line projects for renowned international brands. After that, he got himself a big name through continuous successes in the e-commerce world.

Also in the list of GigTricks are famous names of Omar Latif, Co-Founder, and Chief Operating Officer (COO), and, Sadiq Hameed, Co-Founder, and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Both these team-players have the experience of running multiple IT-based projects in government departments, institutions, and international markets.

GigTricks is world’s leading e-marketplace for e-commerce Entrepreneurs and Freelance Professionals with its headquarters in Dubai. It is the most trusted platform where businesses can find incredible talent by hiring them in the most affordable and competitive rates. The freelancing platform aims to engage freelancers in Pakistan as it believes that the country has tremendous talent seeking to deliver their phenomenal skills. It also aims to boost the country’s economy by driving sales from other parts of the world. Thus, bringing buyers and sellers from multiple areas and providing opportunities to let them scale their work is GigTricks first and foremost objective.

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