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Giphy launches a short video platform following the first film festival

As many of you may already know that Giphy is the go to place whenever you ate looking for finding the best reaction GIF to send to friends and family on Slack, soft-launched new a platform on the film festival which is dedicated to the short-form video. Now then to make things a little more clearer, Giphy is not exactly a Vine, it isn’t YouTube either but it is a site for small sized videos usually about 30seconds or less that people may upload or watch.

Well Giphy is now looking to put its steps in to the future as well a future of what you ssk? Well to put it simply a future of Entertainment. Giphy believes that an important part of this new micro-entertainment will be the Giphydhort-video platform. Furthermore a representative of Giphy came out and said that the event is just a soft-launch event and that Giphy will very soon showcase the company’s video platform in 2019. The page is currently featuring 118 videos on the site, which were submitted as part of Giphy’sfirst short-form video festival. Furthermore the festival took plsce in the city of New York and the submissions were reportedly judged by some of today’s biggest creators including YouTube’s Casey Neistat.

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Giphy is the latest company to get involved in this short-video concept but it is definitely not the first to do so. The short-video concept on videos has been here for some time now with Instagram and Snapchat using this feature since the very beginning of their operations on social media.TikTok is also another example of such a platform, it also has a short-form video concept but this trend was heavily influenced by a trend started by those present at Vine.

Finally a launch date has still not been revealed and Giphy is holding out for adding more features in to the new concept, so both the release date and the possible outcome of the new video platform will be seen very soon.


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