Global laptop shipments subject to a rise of more than ten percent

Global laptop shipments subject to a rise of more than ten percent

The global shipments with regards to laptop notebooks, excluding the likes of detachable models, have actually risen more than ten percent sequentially as far as the fourth quarter of last year goes. This actually went on to mark shipments reaching a record high of 60 million units.

In accordance with what digitimes had to suggest, the primary reason as to why we have seen a rise in notebook shipments is down to the growing demand for laptops for remote working as well as online education becoming more and more common as a consequence of course of the coronavirus pandemic. Moreover, the year end holiday season backed up by promotional campaigns as well as governmental subsidies omlt further lent a hand in the growth of the shipment numbers over the course of the final quarter of last year.

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Most notably, laptop shipments for the entire year were actually subject to crossing more than 25 percent year on year, which actually marked a nine year high of 201 units as per what the report suggests. At the current moment in time, laptop makers are in the process of trying to raise their inventories from ODMs so as to support the growing stay at home economy – as far as the coming months go. In addition, the global laptop shipments are also expected to fall by less than ten percent in the first quarter of this year – which still represents an improvement of 15 to 25 percent for the very same quarter sequentially.

As of now, major brands in the market are only expected to see a slight decline as far as this particular quarter goes, which is also in fact due to shortages in components. However of course, one would expect that OEMs would still indeed be working towards the idea of raising the shipments of their notebooks in the current period as the potential for the same continues to grow.


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