As technology is developing rapidly, companies are also developing better and better strategies to help increase their sales in the global mobile phone market. Technology is something which is constantly evolving, and the major companies understand this, hence they try to play with their strategies in order to gain more. Well the latest strategy developed by these companies was to target the mid-range smartphone market and hence they laid more emphasis on that part of market in addition to the high end and low end market. By focusing on the mod range market, these OEMs developed phones with some pretty good features which can be bought at relatively economical prices, hence this resulted in smartphone sales to show growth. Even though most companies are still struggling, the top two smartphone manufacturers i.e. Samsung and Huawei have seen a massive surge in growth.As per the latest report published by Strategy Analytics,it has been found that the global smartphone sales in Q3 are 2% higher than that of the last year’s sales.

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The Korean Giant Samsung,shipped around a total of 78.2 million smartphones worldwide, which is 8% higher than Q3 2018. Now,even though Samsung is not doing that well in the  Chinese market, the company managed to keep its year-over-year growth rate globally. The Company’s global market increased from 20% to 21% as compared to last year. This can be attributed to the fact that the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy A-series brought about huge numbers in terms of sales. Moreover, Huawei is another company that saw an overall increase in sales. Even though the company faced a US trade ban, Huawei managed to surprise everyone,after the company has seen a rise in sales and profits.

It should be remembered that, Hauwei can not ship any new smartphones with Google services but still, as compared to Q3 2018, the Chinese giant have managed to improve their sales by an impressive 29% from 51.8 million to 66.7 million. In total,the company’s global market share has seen an increase from 14% to 18%. Huawei’s overall sales have been greatly impacted by a surge in the purchases in its home country that have risen by an amazing 66%. If its global market is separately monitored, the Company’s global sales have fallen from 26.8 million units in Q3 yesteryear to 25.2 million units in the Q3 of 2019.


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